With content and solid Google service support, the iPad Air just replaced my Nexus 7



Given that I gravitate towards Android(s goog) phones and tablets, it’s surprising that I recently sold my Nexus 7 tablet and replaced it with an iPad Air(s aapl). I did so for a few reasons, but perhaps the biggest one is this: You can be a pretty happy user of Google services on iOS.

Google has long supported iOS with its own apps, so that aspect isn’t new. Since late last year, the company has made a big push to improve the Google experience on Apple devices, however, to the point where I can actually use them effectively without using Android.

iPad air pics

Note, that I’m not saying iOS is better than Android — or vice versa, for that matter — I simply explored this option and found it to be beneficial to my needs. I still have a Moto X handset and an old Google Nexus 10 tablet to keep…

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