SquareOne For iPhone Organizes Your Email, Gives You Better Control Over Notifications



Dropbox’s acquisition of Mailbox for $100 million has fueled more interest and development in mobile applications aimed at helping users triage their way through overcrowded inboxes. The latest idea in the making is SquareOne, an email app for iPhone exiting beta today, which will allow users to designate which emails are important and worth their time. But it does this in a different way than typical “priority inbox” scenarios do today.

That is, instead of lumping emails into two broad buckets – “priority” and everything else (like Gmail’s own priority inbox setting does, for those who avoid Gmail’s default tabbed experience) – SquareOne wants to help users configure several different buckets, like “friends,” “social,” “VIP,” “team,” or any other category of emails you see fit to add.

According the company’s young founder and CEO Branko Cerny, a recent Dartmouth grad and, briefly, a Google employee, he came up with…

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