Hands on with the Moto G: A low-cost smartphone that’s well worth the price



Earlier today Motorola(s goog) introduced the Moto G, a global smartphone with an unsubsidized price of less than $200. I just had a chance to spend some time with it, and it’s clear that Motorola didn’t skimp on quality in order to make the phone more affordable.

From the first look, it’s clear Motorola took its design cues for the Moto G from its more-expensive Moto X. Physically, the phone looks like a Moto X, but a bit thicker and squatter. It’s an attractive device, and there’s nothing about it that brings to mind the word budget, which I constantly had to remind myself while I handled the phone.

Moto G display

The first thing you notice about the Moto G is its 4.5-inch display. It features the same 720p resolution as the 4.7-inch Moto X, which means that means the Moto G actually packs more pixels per inch into…

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